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Robots can be for evil or good.

Please don't reprogram me.

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ジョナサン ・ シェグリン
5 July 1980
One man's harrowing account of years wasted during his twenties.
1/2 step down tuning, 128-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit, 3do, 64-bit, 7-11, 8-bit, academics when i'm motivated, airports, al bundy, alice in chains, alternative rock, anime, anime eyes, anime music videos, anxiety, apathy and flannel, arcade machines, arcades, artificial intelligence, asian kung-fu generation, atari 2600, atari lynx, automated self-checkouts, back to the future, beavis and butthead, being myself, brand new, bubblegum crisis, capcom, children of the shadowrealm, choose your own adventure, coca-cola, colecovision, computers, creativity, cyberpunk, cyberpunkrock, daisy chainsaw, darkwing duck, disasters, dragons, dreamcast, drop d tuning, early 1990s, ebay, ellipses, engrish, extreme championship wrestling, fantasy realms, final fight, fist of the northstar, fucking up, gameboy, gameboy advance, gamecube, green day, grunge, guitars, gyudon, heavy metal, high technology, homer simpson, hum, industrial, insomnia, intellivision, internet, japanese, knight sabers, konami, late nights, laughing, laughing to myself, long hair, lying to myself, mallrats, married...with children, matthew good band, mike haggar, milk, ministry, narcolepsy, neo geo, neo geo pocket color, nine inch nails, nintendo, nintendo 64, nirvana, not having a life, obscure video game references, old school video games, originality, our lady peace, outer space, patronizing the competition, pepsi, pinhead gunpowder, playstation, playstation 2, pop punk, pretending i'm 1337, priss and the replicants, punk rock, reiterating the obvious, robocop, rock music, samhain, sega 32x, sega cd, sega genesis, sega master system, sega nomad, sega saturn, shadowgate, shenmue, siopao, sleeping on the subway, smashing pumpkins, snatcher, snk, sonic drive-in, sonic youth, soundgarden, space harrier, steel battalion, super nintendo, super smash tv, t-shirts, the legend of zelda, the mad capsule markets, the misfits, the simpsons, time travel, total recall, tron, turbografx 16, video arcades, video game logic, video game music, video games, wacky japanese t-shirts, weezer, world of warcraft, x japan, xbox, xbox 360, xbox live, yoshinoya

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